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Stockport Evangelical Church is back! We will be having our first Sunday Service after lockdown and you are welcome to join us! (If you are unwell, please stay home.) There will be safety measures in place, to make sure your experience is as safe as possible; these measures are as follows:

Social distancing:

· You MUST wear a face-covering of some sort when you join us.

· Chairs will be set up 2m apart. But couples and family/household “bubbles” can sit together.

· Only one entrance will be used and that will be the door to the car park.

· Everyone entering the building must sanitize their hands coming in and going out. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

· There will be no use of the kitchen and we are discouraging people from using the toilet facilities, if possible. So a good idea to go before you come!

· There will be NO refreshments provided, but you can bring your own drink, but it must remain with you and you MUST take it home when the service ends.

· Communion: at this present time, I will prepare, take and put away the bread and the wine. If you so wished you could bring your own bread and wine, but there would be NO sharing of the emblems. Again, you should keep these things on your person at all times and make sure you take anything you brought, home again with you when the service ends.

· We ask that offerings remain as direct to the church account, rather than in cash, if possible.

· We also have been asked to avoid socialising after the service, in the building. Outside the building, I would ask you all to observe the government’s directions on gatherings in public places.

We will still be planning on LIVE streaming our Sunday Service through Facebook, so if you can't make it in person, you can watch us online.

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