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We believe that the moment we come to Christ we become a new creature; the old things have passed away and all things have become new. But there are times when we can struggle with fear, depression, anxiety etc. With a safe psychological approach, Prayer and the deep and wonderful truths of the Bible, the church provides support and counselling to deal with addictions, phobias and mental illness. We have also helped a number of people who have left high control, destructive cults. We do not discourage those taking part in the counselling program from taking medical treatment, as we believe modern medicine can be a form of common grace, given to us by God. Therefore, combined with prescribed medication, our counselling program can be an effective way of helping to deal with psychological and physical problems. We have one-to-one sessions, conducted by our Pastor available. The frequency of these sessions can be arranged depending on your individual need. We also provide basic marriage counselling and counselling for someone who is just going through a hard time.

Food Bank

We have an in-house Food Bank that anyone who comes to the church can use. Our own church members can donate or benefit from this service.

We all go through some kind of financial difficulty and as a family in Christ, we love supporting one another through every difficulty they face, either by prayer or offering them help within our means.

Our food bank, if not used, will be donated to the public food bank so people who don't come to our church may also benefit.  

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